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Working in the AHK is a privilege ...

The AHK recognizes its employees as the most valuable assets of the company and plans for the most productive evaluation of labor resources for the company's success.

As AHK, our target as Human Resources is to hire the most suitable and high profile candidates in line with the requirements of our company values ​​and positions,
is to create a fair working environment by providing professional development and personal happiness of our employees.

In this framework, the shared values ​​and the Human Resources policy of the AHK, which reflect the institutional cul- ture, have been pre- pared as follows.

AHK's Shared Values;

Honesty is our ilk.

* Our activities are trustworthy.

* Society's values ​​guide.

* Our employees are our most important source.

HR Policy of the AHK;

* A link between the company and employees based on mutual trust and cooperation,

* A harmonious work environment created by highly efficient employees,

* A team that is flexible to team work, supported by the participation of highly informed employees,

To participate in the AHK Family, who first acted in human logic in all the projects they carried out, You can send an email to ik@ahk.com.tr

As an alternative to factory blue collar positions, you can contact your resume by calling 0242 258 0050.